About Us

A Company Created to Help People Learn German
Deutsch Gym is a daily meetup German group. We host German meetups, for all levels, everyday.

Our promise is that you will be speaking a lot of German and improving your spoken language skills.
After learning German in Berlin, I came across an unexpected problem - the locals would not speak German to me! I tried, but everyone switched to English as soon as they heard my Irish accent.

So I came up with an idea - to start an online meetup where we would only speak German.

The first meetup had 1 participant - now it has grown and we have groups for several languages for every level, members who live in dozens of cities, and meetups everyday.

Our goal is to provide the perfect platform where you can practice your German. I would not call it perfect yet - there is a lot of work to do - I am working hard on fulfilling my goal of becoming the go-to site to learn German.

We also have a newsletter which you can sign up for on the blog page.

Come join a meetup or two - there is a free trial - and finally speak that German that you have learned. Our welcoming community and excellent mother speakers await.


email me: ronan [AT] deutschgym.com
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Deutsch Gym

  • Founded 2021
  • German, Irish, English
  • From A2 to C1 level
  • 100% online
  • Bootstrapped, Independent Company

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