How to Say Cheers in German

Whether you're toasting to good health at a dinner party or clinking glasses at a local pub, knowing how to say 'cheers' in German can come in handy. Here are the most common ways to say 'cheers' in German:

Prost!  - (prohst)

This is the most common way to say 'cheers' in German. It is used in both formal and informal settings. So, when you're raising a glass, feel free to exclaim "Prost!"

Zum Wohl! - (tsoom vohl)

This phrase translates to 'To health!' and is a more formal way to say 'cheers'. It is typically used in formal settings or when making a toast.

Eins, zwei, drei, g'suffa! - (eins, tsvai, dry, g'zuf-fa))

This fun phrase is a traditional Bavarian toast that translates to 'One, two, three, down the hatch!'. It's often used at beer festivals or informal gatherings and adds a touch of local color to the occasion.
Important point to remember, when saying 'prost' or any of the phrases above in German, it's customary to make eye contact with the people you're toasting with. Ignore this at your peril, it brings bad luck! This small gesture is seen as a sign of respect and goodwill. Prost!
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