How to Say How Are You in German

Asking how are you in German is important. But in a German-speaking country there are slightly different rules around it compared to an English-speaking country.

In English-speaking countries a "how are you?" can be used as a way to say "hello". In other words, you say "how are you" as a greeting, and you are not really asking that person how they are.

In a German-speaking country that is not the case - if someone asks this they mean it! When you ask this question you should expect a fairly honest response! And be prepared to answer this question when asked.

Wie geht's? - (Vee gayts)

How are you?
This can be asked in most scenarios, formal and informal
 Wie geht es dir? - (Vee gayt es deer)

How are you doing?
This is a longer version of Wie geht's? 

 Wie geht es Ihnen? - (Vee gayt es een-en)

How are you? 
This is more formal
Wie läuft’s bei dir? - (Vee loifts by deer)

How is everything with you? 
This is more informal
Wie geht es euch? - (Vee gayt es oykh)

How you you? (plural)
Use this when you are addressing a group
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