How to Say Yes in German

There is more than 1 way of saying yes in German - it does not have to be "ja". Let's get into it!

Ja - yes

Starting with the basics makes sense. Pronounced "ya".

"Bist du schon fertig mit der Arbeit?" "Ja, ich bin schon fertig."

Are you finished with work? Yes, I am finished.
Sicher - sure

Use it when you want to affirm what someone has said.

"Können wir uns morgen um 10 Uhr am Bahnhof treffen?" "Sicher, das passt mir."
Can we meet at the train station? Sure that suits me.

Das klingt gut - that sounds good

If someone suggests a plan to you and you want to confirm that you will attend, you can use this

"Wie wäre es, wenn wir am Wochenende einen Ausflug machen würden?" "Das klingt gut, wohin würdest du denn gerne gehen?"

How about we go on a trip this weekend? That sounds good, where would you like to go?

Das passt - that fits

This is the informal version of "das klingt gut" - use it with friends.

"Kann ich dich heute Abend besuchen?"  "Ja, das passt mir gut."

Can I visit you tonight? Yes, that suits me.

 Natürlich - of couse/naturally

"Natürlich" is used to convey a polite and accommodating attitude.

"Entschuldigung, darf ich Ihnen eine Frage stellen?" "Natürlich, was möchten Sie denn wissen?"

Excuse me, can I ask you a question? Naturally, what would you like to know? 


Borrowed from English - it means the same thing. Some will pronounce it like in English, some will use a Germanised "okey".

"Können wir den Termin auf nächste Woche verschieben?" "Okay, das passt mir. Wann genau sollen wir uns treffen?"

Can we postpone the meeting next week? Okay, that works for me. When will we meet?

Genau - exactly

Genau is flexible, you can use it to express agreement with a statement or to confirm that something is accurate.

"Ich denke, wir sollten morgen früh aufstehen." - "Genau, das ist eine gute Idee."

I think we should wake up early tomorrow. - Exactly, that's a good idea.
Na klar! - clear / of course / absolutely

This is when you want to express agreement in an informal way.

"Kannst du mir bitte helfen?" - "Na klar!"

Can you please help me? - Of course!

Stimmt - I agree / right

You can use this as a standalone response when you want to agree with what someone just said.

"Der Zug fährt um 14 Uhr ab, stimmt's?" "Stimmt."

The train leaves at 2pm, correct? That's right.

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