Conversation Topics - B1/B2 - Renewable Energy

This is a topical speaking theme for our German and English groups. We use conversation themes, like Renewable Energy, to encourage discussion in the groups. The B1/B2s are lower and upper intermediate levels, so they are getting better at talking about more abstract ideas.

This theme asks for your opinion on an relevant topic, it encourages you to talk about your lifestyle, and asks a conditional/hypothetical question ("would you..."). You then have to answer in the conditional tense, which is a bit harder than answering in the simple past or present.

Our members speak in small groups of 3 people, so it is great for them to hear opinions from other people and discuss various aspects of the speaking topic with each other.

This makes for a good conversation theme as our members have told us! 

German and English versions are below.


Erneuerbare Energie

1. Wie viele Arten erneuerbarer Energien kannst Du aufzählen?

2. Wie können erneuerbare Energien zum Klimawandel beitragen?

3. Kann saubere Energie fossile Brennstoffe ersetzen?

4. Wärst Du bereit, einen Job im Bereich erneuerbare Energien anzunehmen, um den Planeten zu retten, obwohl er weniger als einen Job in einer umweltschädlichen Industrie bezahlt?

5. Wärst Du bereit, mehr für Energie aus erneuerbaren Quellen zu bezahlen?

6. Wie sehr sorgst Du dich um Umweltverschmutzung?

7. Wie grün bzw. umweltfreundlich ist dein Lebensstil?

8. Sollten wir Atomkraft nutzen?


Nuclear Energy

1. How many types of renewable energy can you list?

2. How can renewable energy contribute to climate change?

3. Can clean energy replace fossil fuels?

4. Would you be willing to take a job in renewable energy to save the planet, even though it paid less than a job in a polluting industry?

5. Would you be willing to pay more for energy from renewable sources?

6. How much do you care about pollution?

7. How green or environmentally friendly is your lifestyle?

8. Should we make use of nuclear energy?

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