Conversation Topics - A2 - Family Celebration

In Language Gym, we use conversation topics, or themes, to guide the discussion. Below is a speaking theme on Family Celebrations, or Familienfeier.

These provide a nice framework to the discussion. They are designed to push your vocabulary and grammar, and stretch your German or English knowledge a bit. But there are no wrong answers! Everyone can answer every question.

We have meetups for English and German learners, and they have both enjoyed this theme in the past!

German and English versions are below.



1. Wie oft im Jahr feiert ihr eine Familienfeier?

2. Zu welchen Anlässen trifft sich die ganze Familie?

3. Wo feiert ihr normalerweise eine Familienfeier?

4. Welche Speisen und Getränke werden bei euren Familienfeiern serviert? 

5. Was ist für dich bei einer Familienfeier am wichtigsten?

6. Gefallen dir Familienfeiern oder meidest du diese lieber?

7. Wie reagiert deine Familie, wenn du mit einem neuen Freund/einer neuen Freundin bei der Familienfeier auftauchst?

8. Gibt es bei eurer Familienfeier manchmal Streit? Wie kann man diesen vermeiden?

9. Wen triffst du bei einer Familienfeier am Liebsten und warum?

die Familienfeier (Pl. die Familienfeiern) - family celebration

der Anlass (Pl. die Anlässe) - occasion

die Speise (Pl. die Speisen) - food, dish 

meiden - to avoid

der Streit (Pl. die Streite) - argument, quarrel


Family Celebrations

1. How many times a year do you have a family party?

2. On what occasions does the whole family get together?

3. Where do you usually have a family celebration?

4. What food and drinks are served at your family celebrations? 

5. What is most important to you at a family celebration?

6. Do you like family celebrations or do you prefer to avoid them?

7. How does your family react when you show up with a new boyfriend/girlfriend at the family party?

8. Do you sometimes have fights at your family party? How can you avoid them?

9. Who do you like best at a family party and why?

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