Conversation Topics - C1 - Symbols, Lucky Charms and Customs

Shamrocks, precious stones and dream catchers - humans have used symbols and customs to help ourselves understand the world for millennia. Our C1 meetups have talked about this conversation theme in both the German and English groups and have had lively and interesting discussions! 

Our groups have people from all over the world participating, and it is always fascinating to learn about their culture with a theme like this.

Telling others about your traditions and culture in a different language, with a speaking topic like this, is a great challenge to try. You could also do this theme if you are at B2 level I think. The C1s are pretty advanced and can express themselves really well, so you would learn a lot from them if you were in their group!

German and English versions are below.


Glücksbringer und Symbole

1) Hast du einen persönlichen Glücksbringer? (Zahl, Objekt, Farbe, Mantra, Symbol, Accessoire, etc.)

2) Welche sind typische Glückssymbole im deutschsprachigen Raum?

3) Welche Glückssymbole sind typisch in deinem Heimatland?

4) Welches Symbole, Situationen, Zahlen stehen für Unglück?

5) Wieso wünscht man "Hals und Beinbruch" oder sagt "Wird schon schief gehen", wenn man einer Person Glück wünschen möchte?

6) Sind dir folgende Trinkgebräuche geläufig?

- Nicht über Kreuz anstoßen

- Beim Anstoßen in die Augen schauen

Welche kennst du noch?

7) Glaubst du an die Wirkung von (Halb-) Edelsteinen oder hast du einen Talisman wie bspw. ein Nazar-Amulett (blaues Auge)?


Symbols, Lucky Charms and Customs

1. Do you have a personal lucky charm? (Number, object, colour, mantra, symbol, accessory, etc.)

2. What are typical symbols of luck in the country in which you are currently living? 

3. Which lucky symbols are typical in your home country?

4. Which symbols, situations, numbers represent bad luck?

5. Actors say "break a leg" to one another before they go on stage. Why? 

6. Are you familiar with the following drinking customs?

- Saying "cheers/prost" etc" when and touching glasses

- Look into the eyes of the other as you touch glasses

What other ones are there?

7. Do you believe in the effect of semi-precious stones? Do you have a talisman such as a Nazar amulet (blue eye)?

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