How to Interrupt Someone in German

Is there anything more frustrating than trying to interrupt someone and not have the (polite) words for it? In German, like in any language, interrupting someone politely requires using appropriate phrases and manners. 

1. "Entschuldigung, darf ich kurz etwas sagen?" (Excuse me, may I say something quickly?)

2. "Darf ich kurz unterbrechen?" (May I interrupt for a moment?)

3. "Entschuldigen Sie die Unterbrechung, aber..." (Apologies for the interruption, but...)

4. "Entschuldigung, wenn ich kurz einwerfen darf..." (Excuse me, if I may interject briefly...)

5. "Einen Moment, bitte." (One moment, please.)

6. "Ich möchte gerne etwas hinzufügen." (I would like to add something.)

7. "Kann ich kurz etwas einbringen?" (Can I briefly contribute something?)

8. "Darf ich an dieser Stelle etwas einwerfen?" (May I interject at this point?)

Remember to maintain a respectful and attentive demeanour when interrupting someone, as it is essential to show consideration for the other person's thoughts and opinions. Using these polite phrases will help you navigate conversations more graciously in German-speaking settings.

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