10 Actually Good Songs To Help You Learn German

Listening to music in the native language is a fantastic way to get your ear used to it and pick up some new vocabulary. The thing is though, you actually need to enjoy the music in order to learn somethien - it should not feel like a chore. Otherwise you'd just give up! The more it feels like fun the more you will listen to it and the more you'll absorb the phrases and words.

This is where English learners are spoilt given the vast array of marvelous music available in English.

But fear not - German artists produce plenty of well-written and catchy songs for you to feast on. Below I've put together 10 songs in German that are enjoyable to listen to.

There is a mix of genres below so you probably won't like everything. That's okay - even listening to one song enough times will help you pick up new vocabulary and a phrase or two. This has been the case for me.

With that I leave you with the music!

Jürgen Paape - So Weit Wie Noch Nie

$oho Bani - Bergsteigen

Fatoni – FEELING (prod. by Dexter)

DJ Koze vs. Hildegard Knef - Ich schreib' dir ein Buch 2013

makko - Leben ist zu kurz um Angst zu haben

Miksu/Macloud x makko - Nachts Wach

Pashanim - Airwaves

Marlene Dietrich - Sag mir wo die Blumen sind

Juju & Said - Berliner Schnauze

Max Raabe, Palast Orchester - Küssen Kann Man Nicht Alleine

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