German Conversation Topics - Weihnachtsmarkt

Christmas markets in Germany are a huge deal - it is pretty much mandatory to go to one! I always get a Bratwurst Thüringer and some Glühwein when I'm there. They sell some handicrafts and trinkets as well, and sometimes handmade clothes and hats. The atmosphere is really nice.

This year some states banned them, but in Berlin they are still running.

The theme below covers a lot of what you cold talk about regarding a Christmas market. Try it out with your friends or classmates!

German and English versions below.



1. Magst Du Weihnachtsmärkte oder ist es zu viel Trubel?

2. Auf welchen Weihnachtsmarkt würdest Du gerne mal gehen?

3. Gibt es das in Seinem Heimatland?

Sind es vielleicht Deutsche (Schausteller) die den Weihnachtsmarkt betreiben?

4. Was kaufst Du gerne auf dem Weihnachtsmarkt? Gibt es dort etwas, was es sonst nirgends gibt?

(Rauchermännchen, Nussknacker, Kunsthandwerk)

5. Gehst Du gerne an Fressbuden?

Zur Auswahl stehen: ... Wo gehst Du hin?

-Bratwurst, Pilzpfanne, Knobibrot, Falafel, Langos, Churros

6. Oder doch lieber traditionell deutsch?

-Stollen, Lebkuchen, Baumkuchen

7. Magst Du die Vergnügungsstände?

-Schießbude, Riesenrad etc.

8. Vermisst Du es dieses Jahr?


Christmas Markets

1. Do you like Christmas markets or are they too much hustle and bustle for you?

2. What Christmas markets do you like to go to?

3. Do they exist in your home country?

-Are they perhaps Germans who run the Christmas market?

4. What do you like to buy at a Christmas market? Is there anything there that you can't find anywhere else?

(Smoking men, nutcrackers, arts and crafts)

5. Do you like to go to the food stalls?

You can choose from:

-bratwurst, mushroom pan, garlic bread, falafel, langos, churros

6. Or would you prefer traditional German food?

-Stollen, gingerbread, Baumkuchen

7. Do you like the amusement stands?

-Shooting gallery, ferris wheel etc.

8. Do you miss them this year?

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