Review of Deutsch Gym

Check out a recent review of Deutsch Gym on All Language Resources.

They wrote about the benefits and features of our live online German classes. They list the pros and cons of the learner experience to give you a fairly full picture of what to expect when you sign up to one of our free trials. Check out the interview they did here.

We were also interviewed on High Signal - a fantastic site and newsletter with the latest news on and interviews with bootstrapped (i.e. self-funded) entrepreneurs. Pete, the owner of High Signal, also has a website dedicated to telling success stories of software developers who learned to code without a software degree.

Practice your spoken German in our online German speaking classes (5-day free trial).

The classes are fun and friendly - you'll meet new people and also talk to native speakers. We have classes every single day and new and interesting conversation themes for each session. Give them a go!

I'm the founder of Deutsch Gym. In the past I've worked in startups as a marketer and frontend developer and surfed a few waves along the way. I moved to Berlin from Ireland a few years ago and learned German - prompting the idea for Deutsch Gym.
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